Seeding Essentials The essence of your growth

"Knowledge and Smart Technology available to everyone!"


For optimal growing conditions for the young plant and easy transplanting



For optimal efficiency and optimal growing circumstances!


Grow box

For optimal efficiency and optimal growing circumstances!


Smart Seeding technology Seeding line/Transplanting line


✓ Insight into stock retained of seeds
✓ Seeding of the 162/50/28 and 18 tray is possible!
✓ Seeding can take place elsewhere
✓ Easy to use!
✓ The use of a compressor is sufficient

Germination area

✓ Constant temperature and humidity
✓ Easy to use by the flaps
✓ Trays can be easily retracted
✓ Can be used for the 162/50/28 and 18 holes tray.

Growpact seeding line

✓ High production capacity
✓ No Electricity required
✓ The seeding/transplanting line has been made for every tray (162/50/28/18 and 8)
✓ Seeding possibilities and transplanting possibilities
✓ Easy to use and labour-intensive (max 6 people)

Transplanting Start the transplanting process!

The transplanting process is really important for any plant. With GrowPact you can easily transplant your plants into bigger pots.Thanks to our manual tray popper, transplanting was never this easy!


✓ Efficient transplanting
✓ Manual and professional
✓ High capacity