Our World-class Services

At Growpact Kenya, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added services which include:

Crop Production and Buy-Back Scheme

If you have a farm with good soil and functional irrigation system, then we would wish to hear from you. We recently launched a new kind of partnership with farmers, such that we grow selected crops together on your farm, and once mature, we buy back the products at a negotiated price. This ensures that the farmer gets the highest quality of seedlings, professional extension services to maximise farm output, and a guaranteed market for the farm produce. What more would a farmer ask for? If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, we, too, would be glad to discuss the opportunity with you.

Farm Analysis

Growpact has a highly skilled team that undertakes various types of analyses and make recommendations to improve your farm’s productivity. Our range of analyses include:

  • Soil analysis to determine your farm’s suitability for different crops, and types of fertilisers and other inputs to use.
  • Irrigation system design to enhance targeting of water to crops and that sufficient amounts of water reaches the crops. This reduces wastage of water and prevents leaching of nutrients due to too much water.
  • Fertigation system design – for farmers wishing to apply fertilisers via the irrigation system.
  • Crop spacing and production economics – we help farmers to calculate the number of seedlings that will be required for a given area of land, and the investment cost for the same. We also work with farmers to develop estimate cost of labour and inputs, as well as expected sales proceeds once the crops are ready and harvested.

Demo Farm

We have one of the most successful demonstration farms in Kitale and greater North Rift region. We organise farmers open days when farmers from near and far can visit our demo farm and learn the latest crop production and other types of farming techniques. If you are a farmers group, we can schedule a visit, when your group can come over and learn how to turn farming from a hobby or subsistence activity into a real business.

So, whatever your farmers training, farm analysis and income projection requirements, call us today on Tel: (+254) 727 355202 for the most reliable solution.

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