Why Growpact, All you need is GrowPact!


At Growpact, we are the market leaders in the production and supply of high quality, fast growing and high yielding crop seedlings for commercial large scale, medium and small-scale farmers in Kenya.

Highest Quality Seedlings

We take the highest quality of certified seeds and use tried and tested scientific methods, including controlling the environment in our greenhouses in order to ensure the highest rates of germination for the crops. We deal in a wide range of products, including freshly germinated and grafted fruit seedlings (mango, pawpaw, passion, avocado, strawberry, etc.), vegetable seedlings (sukumawiki, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, capsicum, courgette, chillies etc.) as well as herbs, which include stevia, rosemary, mint, etc.

We then deliver the healthy and vibrant seedlings to customers across the country. Doing this brings you the following benefits:

  1. Using seedlings saves you time, as you don’t have to wait for the seeds to germinate in your farm in readiness for transplanting. Our seedlings are delivered ready for planting. In this way, you can squeeze an extra season of planting and harvesting per year, especially if your farm is under irrigation.
  2. Our seedlings have excellent root development, which ensures that you get healthy and vigorously growing seedlings that can withstand the shock of transplanting. This gives you the maximum survival rate for your crops.
  3. You get the right quantity of seedlings for the size of your farm. We help farmers calculate the required crop spacing to guarantee maximum yields even on a fraction of an acre.

We prepare most crop seedlings on order, you the delivery can coincide with customers’ preferred planting dates. Through the use of smart propagation technologies and excellent logistics, we are able to deliver the highest quality of seedlings to any part of the country at minimal cost from our production centre in Kitale.

Every profitable crop farming enterprise begins with healthy seedlings. So, whatever your requirements for high-quality planting materials, call us today on Tel: (+254) 727 355202 for the best deal.

Smart-Tech is:

✓ Low investment
✓ Fully manual application
✓ Minimal electricity use
✓ Integration of proven growing technology

smart technology

Finding a solution for every situation is a challenge! We have to collaborate

with local partners to make sure that we will succeed in the mission we have. Starting or improving a young plant nursery needs support to translate the Dutch knowledge to the farmers. Local partners will have a crucial role in this translation.

GrowPact will supply the tools and knowledge to the local partners, who in their turn can help the farmers get acquainted with the new methods and techniques.

From Seed to Crop. We can offer you a turnkey project in collaboration with our partners!

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